Krümel nursery pedagogical concept

Krümel Nursery looks after and supports the children entrusted to it in accordance with its educational concept, which can be viewed at the nursery.

Our pedagogical principles (a condensed excerpt from the pedagogical concept) are the following:

  • We are sensitive to the individual child. A benevolent atmosphere, in which the child experiences affection and feels secure, is important to us.
  • We treat each child with respect and esteem and respect his unique personality and dignity.
  • We trust in the child’s abilities. We give the opportunity for self-determination and co-determination and let take responsibility, whereby autonomy is strengthened.
  • We support the children in their curiosity, their urge to discover and encourage them to take further steps. By offering assistance, we convey security.
  • We provide children with a variety of experiences and play opportunities by creating a stimulating environment, and thus promoting them on different levels.