Support Policies


In order to facilitate the admission and the first time in the nursery, the parents accompany their child in whole or in part through the daily routine of the nursery.
The duration and form of the acclimatization time depend on the needs of the child and are discussed with the group leader. The acclimatization period is at least one week for the benefit of the child and may, however, be extended in special cases. The day of entry is the first day of familiarization.

Clothes and diapers

Parents are kindly requested to bring spare clothes (including underwear) for their child as well as slippers or non-slip socks, depending on the season. The dirty clothes are given to parents to wash at home. The parents should wear the child as hard-wearing clothes as possible, which it may wear while playing, crafting, and “enjoying” outdoors. If the child needs diapers, they must be brought by the parents.

Personal toys

For the child, it’s nice to be able to take your favorite toy with you. However, precious things should be left at home because we cannot take responsibility for loss or damage. For educational reasons, the child should bring no weapons or war toys in the nursery.


If the child is ill, it should stay at home. In an extreme case, the nursery management decides if a child can visit the nursery. The parents are responsible for doctor visits. In case of an emergency we have a medical officer to our side, or an injured child is taken directly to the children’s hospital. The costs of medical treatment are at the expense of the parents.

Vacation absences and deregistration of the child

We ask parents to inform us as soon as possible when their child goes on holiday. They should also inform us before 9:00 am if their child cannot come to the crib, e.g. when it is sick.

Picking up of the child by third parties and child transport in the car

If a child is to be picked up by third parties, the group leader must be informed in good time. For the safety of the child, the staff is authorized to request the identification of a third party. Otherwise, in case of uncertainty we will contact the parents by phone and keep the child with us. The staff is generally allowed to bring the children in private cars. However, this will only happen in exceptional cases (for example, a doctor’s visit, day trip) and the children must be secured in tested child seats.