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Dear Parents,

We offer the children enough space for movement and play on more than 400m2. Our daycare center is age-appropriate and child-friendly, so that your child can enjoy a variety of creative activities with us.

It is very important to us that the children can also spend a lot of time in nature. We offer various possibilities, such as the Irchelpark, school buildings, or various playgrounds in the area.

We plan bigger trips every year, such as visits to the zoo, trips to the lake, visits to the forest, etc.

We have about 60m2 of space at our disposal, which we have turned into an indoor playground, so that the children can let off steam even when the weather is really bad.

Krümel Daycare Zürich

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What makes our nursery special?

Krümel daycare provides professional care for children, from the age of three months until kindergarten entry, in three mixed-age groups.

Krümel daycare promotes the development of children through care, education, and upbringing. The children are respected by their own personality, while their interests and abilities are perceived and supported. A nursery is a place of security, play, learning, and encounter for the children.

The Krümel Nursery with its 440 m2, offers enough space for play and exercise. The nursery places great emphasis on outdoor activities, and in bad weather we have an indoor playground as an alternative.

Our nursery is open year-round, except on public holidays. We provide children with healthy and varied meals that are freshly prepared daily in our kitchen.

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